The manufacturer has stopped making the COT's Equipment. We are working with a new supplied and manufacturer. Please still complete the order form.

You can order COTS equipment directly from AMPTO, via our order form. Please note our COTS guns deliver 10ml per shot. They can be used with either bile salts (10ml shot recommended) or vinegar (20ml shot recommended *2 x 10ml shots)

Crown Of Thorns Eradication 

AMPTO is proud to be involved with Crown OF Thorns Program (COTS) 

The increased use of nutrients, pesticides and other pollutants on the land results in more of these entering waterways and the Great Barrier Reef. Current scientific evidence indicates that elevated nutrient levels are linked to outbreaks of crown-of-thorns starfish. The elevated nutrient levels cause an increase in phytoplankton, which is the main food source for crown-of-thorns starfish larvae. This enables a much higher than usual number of larvae to survive and develop into juvenile crown-of-thorns starfish at which stage they start feeding on coral.

For local outbreak control in valuable sites seen by visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, The Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators Pty Ltd (AMPTO) is now supplying guns, needles and bile salts to operators for the eradication of COTS within Australia and Internationally.

Crown Of thorns

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