Marine Tourism Training, is both varied and challenging for any business.

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The Australian Marine Training Network - Cairns (AMTN) is a non-profit organisation representing the training interests of the marine industry in Far North Queensland.

Marine Tourism Training

Training is vital to every business. Tourism is no exception. Marine tourism operations tend to require greater multi-skilling of the workforce than other industries. Getting and keeping the right employees with the right qualifications is a constant challenge to managers. Efforts to improve marine training has continued over the past ten years led by the Queensland Industry Training Advisory Board (ITAB). 

Although nationally recognized syllabi for tourism and hospitality subjects have existed for many years, it has taken until this year to have a similar maritime training package available whose modules can be inter-mixed with other disciplines to create individual training packages for industry sectors or larger companies. AMPTO members and Chapters have supported initiatives to provide marine training when and where it is required at affordable costs. 

Marine training is being successfully delivered in the Whitsundays at Cannonvale TAFE under the auspices of staff from the Australian Maritime College, Launceston. The administration of TAFE marine training is controlled by the Wide Bay campus. Local TAFE colleges provide details of course availability. Refer to their websites above. Recruiting appropriate school-leavers into the industry is an important way to provide community benefits and understanding of our industry. 

Various organisations exist to provide assistance in the school to work transition period of young persons’ career paths. The Vocational Partnerships Group Inc. based in Cairns is typical providing specific marine job path support.

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Government financial assistance is available to employers who employ trainees of any age. There is no good reason why the majority of any business’s employees cannot be on various subsidised traineeships providing for entry and on-going career needs.